About Us

The fast-growing economy and the need for high-quality standards and expertise in Nigeria led to the establishment of SteelQore. What started as an adventure turned into an ambitious and well-established company that strives for excellent quality.

How did Jan Matel end up in Nigeria?

At a certain moment a special request came in. Whether bulletproof glass could be delivered to a number of churches in Nigeria. This promised to be the first trip to Nigeria. More requests followed after this project. So many that Jan decided to send over some of his welders from The Netherlands and set up a company in Nigeria. A great plan, but in combination with the business that was going on in the Netherlands, it turned out to be very complex to focus on all companies at the same time. Jan decided to postpone his move to Nigeria and returned to the Netherlands.


From one to three successful companies

In 2017 Jan withdrew from the daily management of his company Matel Metaal, with the aim of freeing his hands for new activities and developments. Not much later, however, a number of opportunities arose. The owner of Level Stairs was planning to quit and Jan was asked if he wanted to take over. The same applied to Sterkos Metaal. Jan went from one company to three active companies.

Level Trappen

SteelQore is your connection between Africa and Europe

In the meantime Jan is working in and on three successful companies and his enthusiasm has again increased to return to Nigeria. Not only to pick up where he left off, but also because of his love for Africa. Founded in April 2019, the company SteelQore is a fact and produces and supplies architectural steel. Here too, the focus is on delivering quality, hence the Q in SteelQore for quality. SteelQore makes the connection between Africa and Europe in the field of stairs, railings and architectural steel.


About Jan Matel

The initiator of SteelQore is Jan Matel who is founder and co-owner of the network which is named Matel Holding. By founding Matel Holding, he has proven to be business-like, creative, pragmatic and an entrepreneur at heart. However, above all, he describes himself as a people person and a connector. By establishing a lean and agile spin-off, SteelQore is able to freely manoeuvre itself in the Nigerian market. Which can help to overcome the cultural, regulatory and technological barriers that exist in developing sustainable cities and constructions in Nigeria.



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