Balustrades & railings

A balustrade or railing is at first of course a very practical solution in keeping you from falling of a staircase, the edge of a floor or a balcony.

However, did you already think of the balustrade as a finishing touch, as the icing on the cake? A well-designed, well-engineered and perfectly executed railing can give a true WOW-factor to your entire space, either inside or outside a residential or commercial area.

All steel balustrades feature a combination of hot-dip galvanising and a powder-coating. This gives the best possible guarantee against corrosion for many, many years. Even in a tropical climate!

  • Mild steel railings: uncomplicated, affordable, spraypaint in any color you want
  • Stainless steel railings: the beautiful, elegant contemporary look, Reliable and long-lasting.
    • With more than 2500 modular stainless steel elements we can create every balustrade, or railing for internal or external use.
    • If you want the perfect stainless steel railing, we can weld the corners of your railing on the spot. Yes, also available in Africa!
  • Glass railings: The most open, clear, transparent and contemporary balustrade. A perfect option, often used in an architectural environment residential, commercial and public places. But don’t hesitate to combine glass with modern looking Stainless Steel or wood.
  • Wooden railings: The basis of our balustrades is always made of steel or glass. All options can perfectly be finished with a wooden railing. Often used in combination with wooden stairs.


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