In Africa, 90% of all staircases have a concrete base. However, a steel staircase also has its advantages:
  • Create your own dream by choosing the finish for the stairs that you want: glass, wood, stone, marble, etc.
  • Always 100% dimensionally stable, no more tripping over unequal steps!
  • All steel parts of the stairs are always feature a combination of hot-dip galvanizing and a powder-coating. This gives the best possible guarantee against corrosion for many, many years. Even in a tropical climate!
  • Gives your space a more open character
  • Create the WOW-factor in your house, office, shop, factory, hotel.

Different designs of stairs:

  • Stainless steel staircases
  • Wooden staircases
  • Stone staircases
  • Glass staircases
  • Straight staircases
  • Curved staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Exclusive staircases
  • Functional staircases


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